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Welcome to Rapstix!


Welcome to RapStix. We’d like to think you’re going to find just what you’re looking for to bring a whole new look to your game, individually or collectively as a team. If you don’t find it here be sure to give us a call or shoot over an email and we’ll get just what you need.

Show your true colors!

Whether for an individual, team, event or promotion, RapStix graphics express personality for every game .
Choose from our great stock designs, create your own or let us create a custom look for you. Make your presence on the field, ice or course a statement!

Why not
all get the look?

There is strength in numbers and in style. With RapStix custom team graphics you’ll look and play the part. Just click the "Custom" tab atthe top of this page and get to work designing your wrap. The process is easy, fun and allows for almost limitless combinations of looks, text and logos. If you need something even more specialized, let our designers work with your logo, color and text to create a cohesive look that is as important as your uniforms in saying: "We are a team!"

Easy to use, are you kidding?

Simple Stick-N-Wrap application, coated, durable, no sticky residue upon removal…it’s just that easy.

You'll transform your stick with a few simple steps in just a few minutes, all right before your eyes!



How do you put a price on style?

Well it wasn’t easy, but somebody had to do it…
RapStix graphics as low as $14.99… and that’s
no typo! ?With RapStix you get what you pay for
and a whole lot more!

Get Wrapped, Get Smiles…

Reward yourself and your stick with the transformative powers of RapStix. Just peel backer, apply to stick and hit the field knowing you look as good as you play and play as good as you look!

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Application Instruction

Having doubts?

We told you the application is that easy. Now let us show you in this video.

Watch how easy it is!


Lacrosse Application Video

* See Golf Application Video under golf tab.